Monday, April 7, 2014

MoCCA review

Thank you to everyone who stopped by my table at MoCCA Fest in New York this past weekend! It was a blast. I wrote a little review and posted some photos over on my sketch blog.

Here's a photo of my table mate Alison Wilgus and I from the MoCCA review at Comics Worth Reading since I didn't get any of the two of us with my camera phone.

Once I get The Collected Counter Attack! off to the printer, I hope to have some time to get back to Cooking Up Comics more regularly. Thanks for your patience, I wish I didn't need sleep or to rest my drawing hand.

I'll also be at TCAF in Toronto at the beginning of May, so I hope to meet some of my Canadian readers then! I saved half of the Cooking Up Comics books for that convention so you'll be able to grab them there.